OSMO Innovation

Created in 2019 in response to demand from large corporations for an intelligent conduit to startups capable of addressing specific pain points.

OSMO is a non-profit established in 2009 by Montreal entrepreneurs to help develop a world class startup ecosystem in our city. In the decade since, Montreal has evolved to become one of the world’s most attractive cities for tech entrepreneurs and a global leader in the high-growth sectors of AI, gaming and robotics.

Since the early days, OSMO has been building grassroots community projects for entrepreneurs. OSMO Innovation joins the foundation’s long list of ambitious projects.

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Notman House

A heritage building in Montreal that OSMO transformed into a coworking space, incubator and hub for programs including Google for Startups, FounderFuel and Techstars AI.

With 70,000+ visitors, 1,000+ startup-learning events and over 150 early-stage companies generating $350M of venture capital funding, 1,100 jobs and $1.1B worth of company valuations.

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Through its open protocol, OSMO strives to guide people in the tech community.

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In 2016, the OSMO Café was launched. Built under the footbridge that connects the Notman House to St Margaret's Hospice.

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Startupfest is Canada's largest startup event for aspiring founders, ground-breaking innovators and veteran entrepreneurs from around the world.

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 Innocité MTL

A startup accelerator addressing the needs of city dwellers. The private sector, mainly formed by startups, will implement solutions to urban issues. Created in 2015 by OSMO, the city of Montreal and Patrick Gagné, the program brings startups and cities together to make cities smarter.

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