Agropur’s Accelerator Inno Accel: Meet the Startups


Montreal, Canada — OSMO teamed up for a second year with North America’s first dairy accelerator Inno Accel, an open innovation initiative from Agropur to support startups that have the potential to reinvent dairy alongside Agropur.

4 startups from Canada, the US and the UK were chosen after months of scouting and a 6-week long application period that saw a large number of companies apply.

Tapping into the expertise of Agropur Cooperative, a North American dairy cooperative leader, the 16-week-long program will provide these startups with the support needed to accelerate their growth in addition to $20,000 CAD in cash each.

Inno Accel open innovation program, created in collaboration with OSMO, is designed to find la crème de la crème of startups, build win-win relationships and create space for idea sharing and learning.

Congratulations to Sleep well Milk Ltd, Sated, Gnarly Pepper et Proxifrigo are the four startups selected in Agropur's dairy accelerator Inno Accel, designed in partnership with OSMO. The three-month program will leverage on Agropur's resources to support high-potential startups reinvent dairy and bring exciting innovations to market. To learn more, visit
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Sam and Allan are the founders of Sleep Well — a unique milk drink designed to help you relax and get a good night's sleep. A long-life product, it is made with whole Jersey milk, honey and valerian. With Sam’s many years of marketing and campaign management experience and Allan’s background in journalism, broadcasting and corporate PR they are both highly qualified communicators and brand experts. Together they are on a mission to help the world get a better night's sleep.


Sara is the founder of Gnarly Pepper — a custom spice blend company that pairs its products with plain Greek yogurt. Sara decided to leap into the entrepreneurial world after a few trips outside the country where her love for travel and food became more apparent. With her background in Graphic Design, her creative advantage rose to the occasion within her food blending/chemistry formulations through Gnarly Pepper.

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Guillaume is in the CEO of Proxifrigo — the milkman 2.0 concept that allows milk producers to distribute their products themselves through and app and vending machines that manage bottle returns. He is also head of the farmer-to-consumer division for Laiterie Lampron. With 15+ years of experience working in the startup world, he previously held a position as a director of investment for a VC firm in Belgium.


Ted is the founder & CEO of Sated — dietician approved, nutritionally complete, ultra-low carb meal shakes. His superpower is being an autodidactic jack of all trades. Ted can figure out how to do complex job functions he’s never done before or entire programming languages in 2 or 3 days. Through his company Sated, Ted wants to make sure the ketogenic diet is as easy, low-sacrifice, and delicious as possible.


The groups will spend time in the co-creation room at Agropur and Notman House in Montreal, challenging convention and thinking outside the box. Each business will be supported by two mentors – a successful entrepreneur and a member of Agropur senior management – and over 20 coaches with different areas of expertise.

The demo day for the 2019 cohort is set for November 21, 2019. Until then, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up with the program and take a look at the program page as we check mark new milestones!

From the left: Sara (Gnarly Pepper), Sam (Sleep Well), Kim (Sated), Ted (Sated), Guillaume (Proxifrigo)

From the left: Sara (Gnarly Pepper), Sam (Sleep Well), Kim (Sated), Ted (Sated), Guillaume (Proxifrigo)