L'Oréal Canada Accelerator: Meet the Startups


They lead teams that have innovative solutions to L’Oréal Canada’s most pressing challenges in terms of beauty tech services, predictive intelligence and conversational AI. Meet the 2019 cohort of L’Oréal Canada’s accelerator! 

Shilp Agarwal — Blutag (1).jpeg

Shilp Agarwal

Shilp is the co-founder and CEO of Blutag — a turnkey SaaS solution that enables retail companies to deliver voice apps to their customers without coding in just a few simple steps. With 15+ years of experience in all aspects of e-commerce and retail technology, he frequently shares his deep understanding of voice based commerce as a speaker, moderator and panelist at various industry events.


Ari Himmel

Ari is the CEO of Faimdata — a video-powered customer analytics for brick-and-mortar stores. He is fuelled by a burning curiosity to solve commercial problems at scale using software, artificial intelligence and technology.


Virgile Ollivier

Virgile is the CEO and co-founder of Livescale — a multi-cloud platform that allows to reach, engage and monetize audiences with live video.


Brandon Kane

Brandon is CTO and co-founder of Vantage — a solution that uses AI to help ecom brands and retailers bring core capabilities back in-house, manage their data and drive action. Brandon is a recognized Canadian technology leader with strong technical expertise and managerial savvy. He gets passionate about data and applied analytics so that you don’t have to. He is a visionary on the applications of advanced computing, predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI.


Murray Galbraith

Murray is the CEO & founder of Youneeq — an AI personalization engine that specializes in converting anonymous users to known users. Youneeq has helped companies in the digital content and e-commerce industries increase engagement, conversion and revenues. Murray has over 35 years experience and a proven track record of developing new businesses and leading digital transformations. He didn’t invent the internet like Al Gore but he’s been there since day 1.